Board of Directors and Advisory Committees

At Innovia Foundation, our Board and Advisory Committee members lend their extraordinary expertise and talent to help us improve the quality of life throughout the Inland Northwest. These individuals volunteer countless hours to help us fulfill our mission to drive community transformation.


Geraldine Lewis


Community Volunteer, Sandpoint, ID

Tyler Lafferty

Vice President

Co-Founder of Seven2, 14Four, Strategy Labs, Access2Experience, Method Juice Cafe and The Union Studios

Rick Rasmussen


CEO, Northwest Specialty Hospital


Robert A. Larson

Managing Director, Private Wealth Senior Consultant, Merrill Lynch

Rueben Mayes

Chief Development Officer, Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation

Marcelo Morales

Founder, A4Ventures

Ryan Nipp

Partner, Parkwood Business Properties

Sandy Patano

Community Volunteer, Coeur d’Alene, ID
Owner, Sandy Patano Consulting, LLC

Jeff Philipps

Retired Rosauers CEO, Community Advocate

Gary Stokes

General Manager, KSPS

Betsy Wilkerson

Owner, Moore’s Assisted Living
City Council Member, City of Spokane

Scott Hutsell

Lincoln County Commissioner

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, on behalf of the Board, supports the long-term effectiveness of the Board and Board operations by recommending best practices in governance to the Board to fulfill Innovia Foundation’s mission, vision and the long-term viability of the Board. The committee also supports the long-term effectiveness of the Board by overseeing a process of nominating well-qualified candidates for Board, committee and Board officer positions.

Geraldine Lewis, President
Tyler Lafferty, Vice President
Rick Rasmussen, Secretary-Treasurer


This committee monitors on behalf of the Board and oversees, guides and supports the efforts of the CEO and staff by ensuring that Innovia Foundation is in good health. To do this, the committee develops our financial policies and makes sure they are consistent with our mission and vision. The committee is also responsible for reviewing and recommending for approval the annual operating budget, as well as overseeing the review of the audited financial statements and tax return, including the performance of the auditors.

Rick Rasmussen, Chair
Brooke Baker Spink, Vice-Chair
Brenda Bookholtz
Kris Mayhew


Carmel Minogue
Chandra Schumacher
Rick Wilhite


This committee monitors on behalf of the Board and oversees, guides and supports the CEO and staff in ensuring that Innovia Foundation’s investment policies are consistent with Innovia Foundation’s mission and vision. The committee develops and recommends guidelines for asset allocation, risk tolerance and benchmarks and oversees the administration and performance of all of Innovia Foundation’s assets. In addition, the committee oversees the selection, engagement and/or replacement of qualified external investment consultants, including designated advisors and Donor-Designated Advisors.

Marcelo Morales, Chair
Adam Gelhausen, Vice Chair
Michael Bibin
Rob Blume
Ron Denova
Kevin Grady
Eric Green
Houston Scrudder
Jan Tymesen
Michael Waite

Gift Planning and Marketing 

The Gift Planning and Marketing Committee, along with the Board, ensures that Innovia Foundation has the financial resources to carry out its mission and vision.

Rueben Mayes, Chair
Greg Bever
Duane Brelsford
Katie Cox
Billy Etter
Kristin Kemak
Bob Larson
Stacy Rarrick
Marvo Reguindin
Bill Sperling
Chud Wendle
Jennifer West






The Grants Committee monitors on behalf of the Board and oversees, guides and supports the efforts of the CEO and staff in recommending to the Board grant awards that fulfill Innovia’s mission and vision. Grants are the end result of fundraising, investment of funds and community study. Grants that positively impact the community are one of the true measures of achieving community transformation.

Geraldine Lewis, Chair
Lisa Heath, Vice Chair
Alex Gibilsco
Gabriel Cruden
Margo Hill


Scott Hutsell
Keith Kelley
Colene Rubertt
Betsy Wilkerson
Rachel Young

Regional Grants Advisory Committees are made up of business and community leaders from across Innovia’s service region, who advance the mission and vision of the community foundation. Members act as ambassadors for Innovia to help determine community needs, as well as advise the Foundation regarding grants and charitable gifts that support Eastern Washington and North Idaho. The members include:

Eastern Washington Grants Advisory Group

Eastern Washington Grants Advisory Group
Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille, Lincoln, Adams

Steven Apple – Stevens County
Gabriel Cruden – Stevens County
Ian Eccles – Adams County
Gretchen Youngren – Adams County
Aaron Edwards – Ferry County
Karen Giebel – Ferry County
Scott Hutsell – Lincoln County
Darren Mattozi – Lincoln County
Colene Rubertt – Pend Oreille County

Spokane County Grants Advisory Group

Alex Gibilsco
Lars Gilberts
Margo Hill
Lisa Heath
Susan Hales

Keith Kelley
Gary Klingsporn
Rodney McAuley

Betsy Wilkerson

Palouse/LC Valley Grants Advisory Group
Whitman, Latah, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin, Nez Perce, Lewis, Clearwater, Idaho

Francis Benjamin – Whitman County
Kristin Kemak – Asotin County
Paul Kimmell – Latah County
Robin Ohlgren – Whitman County
Judi Pilcher – Columbia County
Brian Points – Latah County
Mike Tatko – Nez Perce County
John Rusche – Nez Perce County
Peady Schwabe – Whitman County
Chris St. Germaine – Clearwater County
Mike Tornature – Clearwater County
Mike Waite – Whitman County
Anne Walsh – Garfield County
Rachel Anderson – Garfield County
Rachel Young – Idaho County

North Idaho Region Grants Advisory Group
Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah, Shoshone

Geraldine Lewis – Bonner County
Matt Mire – Bonner County
Dennis Weed – Boundary County
Carol Julian –
Boundary County
Rhonda Seagraves –
Benewah County
Alex Barta, Benewah County
Teri Farr – Kootenai County
Todd Kiesbuy – Kootenai County
Michele Magnuson – Kootenai County
Jennifer Stovern – Shoshone County
Ashlee Myles, Shoshone County

Leadership Council members serve as ambassadors and advisors to Innovia Foundation throughout our 20-county region. Council members are trusted voices and recognized leaders in the communities, providing insight into ways philanthropy can enrich our region. Click here to learn more.

The Columbia County Children’s Fund is an area of interest endowed fund at Innovia Foundation. It was established as a permanent legacy in 1984 by family members of Frances Broughton Boyd Milham of Dayton, Wash. The fund supports organizations in Columbia County, Wash., that provide educational enrichment and special needs programs, guidance, counseling and therapy to children and their families, as well as medical and dental services and supplies for disadvantaged children. A committee comprised of individuals representing Columbia County (listed below) recommends grants from this fund.

Columbia County Children’s Fund Advisory Committee

Jennifer Ashlock
Ashley Kilts
Melissa Jensen

Scholarship committee volunteers are an indispensable part of Innovia Foundation’s scholarship programs. These committed volunteers carefully review applications, taking into consideration a wide variety of criteria that may include financial considerations, academic achievement, courage in overcoming hardship, community service, drive and commitment. Scholarship committee members bring to the selection process the benefits of their life experience, their diverse outlooks and their local knowledge to recommend scholarship awards to the best and brightest young people in our region. More than 100 volunteers are involved in the scholarship process. Each ensures that scholarships are awarded in a manner that is fair and consistent with the wishes of the scholarship fund donors.