Innovia Foundation closed for database conversion: October 4-10 and 18-24

Posted on September 22, 2020

We are excited to announce a change and upgrade to the operating software platform used at Innovia Foundation. The Stellar’s iPhi (Integrated Philanthropy) platform is a fully integrated software solution that provides donor, grantee, gift/grant transaction, financial and investment functionality which will allow for a more robust donor  experience and provides our team with more tools to better serve our community.

In order to transition to the new system, our office will be closed to the public October 4-10 and again October 18-24 for intense staff training on the new system that will dramatically increase our ability to serve Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Core Foundation services (donor-advised grantmaking, gift processing, new fund set-up, responses to fund-related questions or requests for draft fund agreements, etc.) will continue, but these processes may experience an extended turn-around time due to maintaining dual software platforms to ensure a successful transition.

Questions? Please contact our team at or call 509-624-2606.

About iPhi Stellar

Stellar is one of the leading providers of software solutions and professional services to the philanthropic community, including some of the largest and most well-respected Community Foundations in the country.


The executive team at Stellar has a wide variety of experience in different industries including technology, financial services, security and management within the not-for-profit sector. The average tenure of a member of the executive team with Stellar is 15 years. In addition, they have developed a deep pool of Stellar experience and domain expertise throughout the organization. Stellar employs many software developers, project managers, professional services staff, and customer service managers who have been with the company for more than 8 years.


The United States is the most charitable nation in the world. From a business perspective, the philanthropic fiduciary (charities which invest donor assets to facilitate individual donor fund grantmaking) is a complex business to operate and manage. This business is operationally unique, in that it requires the automation/unitization of the subaccounting process. This is the process where investment assets are unitized (or allocated) back to each donor fund on a prorated basis.

The Stellar co-founders, executives at a Wall Street investment systems firm at the time, realized that sophisticated straight through processing systems did not exist for the nation’s philanthropic fiduciaries. They wanted to bring sophisticated enterprise solutions directly to the philanthropic fiduciary market and indirectly to the financial services firms which serve them.