Supporting the hospitality industry through COVID-19 pandemic

Posted on April 9, 2020

Our region has two organizations serving the industries hit hardest by the COVID-19 Pandemic: hospitality and gig economy workers. Big Table in Eastern Washington and CDAIDE in North Idaho are established community based nonprofits that serve the hospitality industry. This vulnerable population is facing an unprecedented financial obstacle as overnight their hours simply disappeared as restaurants and hotels closed to limit the virus spread.  Most have no way to make up these lost wages and they live day-to-day without a safety net.

Even before this national crisis, restaurants and hotels already had the highest concentration of those most in need in the country. The economic impact of this crisis on top of their day-to-day vulnerability is catastrophic.

You can support by giving directly to Big Table or CDAIDE or by donating to newly established pass-through funds at Innovia Foundation. By giving through Innovia, our staff will assume the administrative burden of processing gifts, acknowledging donors and providing receipts to allow the organizations to do what they do best: deploy resources to help stabilize individuals and families.

Donate to the funds here: 
Big Table COVID-19 Hospitality Relief Fund
CDAIDE COVID-19 Hospitality Relief Fund