“Through Innovia Foundation, my clients can be confident that their dollars are helping to make good things happen right here in our region.”
— Jessica Allen, Professional Advisor

Professional Advisors

Get the tools you need to connect donor generosity to our region’s most pressing causes.

Do your clients have a desire to make our region better? We can help connect your clients to the most pressing causes in our communities so they can leave a lasting impact. We will invest your clients’ donations into long-term solutions that address specific challenges in our region, such as improving access to education, health and wellbeing, economic opportunity and arts and culture. And we will ensure your clients’ donations achieve measurable results.

Toolkit for professional advisors.

Sometimes the biggest challenge people face is knowing how to get started with their estate planning. In addition to a variety of options and flexibility to adjust giving plans, Innovia Foundation is pleased to provide an estate planning toolkit and online tools for planned giving via the Stelter online platform.

Planned Giving Toolkit

Helping your clients succeed.

Our bottom line is philanthropy. We help your clients benefit their families and their community. By partnering with us, you will be connecting your clients to the most pressing causes and greatest opportunities. We are committed to working with you to ensure that your clients find the charitable intents that best meet their needs.

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