“The Foundation gives all levels of wealth an opportunity to participate in developing the community.”
— Harold Gilkey, Spokane Philanthropist

A little can do a lot.

Make the most of your gift.

Thank you for helping solve our region’s problems, serve those in need and leave a lasting impact. We invest your donations into long-term solutions that address specific challenges in our region, such as improving wellness, access to education and economic opportunity. And we make sure your donations achieve measurable results.

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Gift planning opportunities.

We help you sort through your gift planning options to ensure your donations make a positive and lasting impact. You can give now or later. You can give a little cash or an entire estate. Together with your professional advisors, we find the right time to give, the right asset to give and the right vehicle to reach your goals.

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Ways you can partner with us

Civic engagement

Civic engagement is essential for a healthy, vibrant community. When research identifies complex challenges throughout our region, it takes a village to construct a lasting solution. We welcome you to join us in support of Innovia Foundation’s civic initiatives. We engage community leaders and stakeholders to weigh in on priorities and develop initiatives, projects or programs to address our region’s most critical needs.

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Impact areas

Critical emerging needs in our region may be best addressed through grants to local nonprofits. Nonprofits identify unmet needs and propose solutions to be funded. These grants are possible thanks to the generosity of donors who give to community funds or area of interest funds. Available dollars from these funds are pooled together to award significant grants through Innovia Foundation’s grant programs. Learn about the impact areas needing support in our region.

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