“Because of Innovia Foundation believing in us, we were able to grow our vision to make Gizmo possible. It wouldn't have happened without them.”
— Barb Mueller, Gizmo co-founder


Collaborating with partners and communities to create sustainable change.

We serve as a catalyst for change, bringing together donors, nonprofits, social organizations and community leaders — passionate people from all sectors and backgrounds. As the community foundation for Eastern Washington and North Idaho, we convene partners to help communities improve education, preserve the environment, promote the arts and increase the quality of life for everyone.

Grant programs.

Awards from Innovia Foundation’s competitive grant programs are determined in partnership with local volunteers from throughout the foundation’s service area. This locally based advisory process ensures that grant opportunities address the changing needs of our communities.


Agency funds.

Do you have a desire to bring about sustainable change in your organization? Innovia Foundation has partnered with nearly 100 nonprofits throughout our region that have established their endowments with the foundation to free up their staff to focus on their mission. Agency funds are pooled with our total assets for maximum return and impact in our community.

Join us. Because no one person or organization can do this work alone. It requires all of us.

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Nonprofit resources.

We are committed to providing capacity-building opportunities and resources to our nonprofit partners throughout our region. Because in partnering with you, we drive community transformation.

Please note that Innovia Foundation does not directly endorse any of these resources or activities. These are simply recommendations.