Collaborating with partners and communities to create sustainable change.

We serve as a catalyst for change, uniting donors, nonprofits, social organizations and community leaders across Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Nonprofit Resources*

We are committed to providing capacity-building opportunities and resources to our nonprofit partners throughout our region. Because in partnering with you, we drive community transformation.

* Please note that Innovia Foundation does not directly endorse any of these resources or activities. These are simply recommendations.

A statewide center for nonprofit tools and best practices, specialists and much more through the Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory. 501 Commons also offers free phone and email help.

A resource dedicated to advancing the public good by building exceptional nonprofit boards and inspiring board service through an extensive range of tools and resources.

A leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide through data, analysis and training. The Spokane Public Library and Kootenai County United Way offer the Cooperating Collection of Foundation Center resources.

A free information resource that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.

Idaho Nonprofit Center provides a toolbox to build strong and accountable nonprofits and a soapbox to rally public involvement and gain support for the nonprofit sector.

The Spokane Public Library provides tools and support for the Spokane nonprofit community, including grant writing resources, management and technology training, and population research.

Innovia-supported data hub – local-level community indicator data, mapping and reporting tools.

Washington Nonprofits is the state association providing Washington’s nonprofit sector with representation in state and federal policy decisions, improved access to programs and funds, and access to services and programs to build capacity. 

WAACO provides free legal services for community organizations and micro-enterprise businesses.

Download this blank worksheet to help you budget your next project.

Establish a Fund

Nonprofit toolkits

Grant programs.

Awards from Innovia Foundation’s competitive grant programs are determined in partnership with local volunteers from the foundation’s service area. This locally based advisory process ensures that grant opportunities address the changing needs of our communities.

Nonprofit funds.

Do you have a desire to bring about sustainable change in your organization? Innovia Foundation has partnered with nearly 100 nonprofits throughout our region that have established their endowments with the foundation to free up their staff to focus on their mission. Nonprofit funds are pooled with our total assets for maximum return and impact in our community.

Join us. Because no one person or organization can do this work alone. It requires all of us.

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