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Innovia offers many options to establish your own fund to benefit your favorite charity, a specific local community or an area of interest.

Innovia staff can help you develop a fund that fulfills your charitable legacy. Click the button below for more information in Innovia Foundation’s Giving Guide.

Why Choose Innovia Foundation

We are local.

Our staff, board and more than 200 community volunteers all live and work in our region – with the same goal of creating vibrant and sustainable communities.

We are flexible.

Innovia Foundation has a variety of charitable funds to help individuals turn their passion into purpose.

We provide exceptional service.

Our staff collectively has 130 years of community foundation experience, and we are here to answer your questions and be a resource for effective charitable giving.

We meet national standards.

Innovia Foundation has earned the official National Standards Seal from the Community Foundations National Standards Board, which confirms operational excellence in six key areas:

Advantages of Giving Through Innovia Foundation

Innovia Foundation offers a range of services to enhance the impact of your charitable giving. 

As an Innovia Foundation donor, you have a variety of options for how you can work with us. We provide different fund types, each with different characteristics and opportunities, for you to choose from.

Fund Types

Community Funds are discretionary endowed funds that are flexible in their ability to meet emergent needs, as well as support high-impact community initiatives across our region. Distributions from Community Funds are pooled to increase the overall giving power through community grant programs and regional initiatives. 

Donor-Advised Funds make distributions based on recommendations from the fund’s donor-advisor/s. These funds can support 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, tribes or cities/towns for public charitable purposes. Donors may choose to appoint advisors in addition to themselves.

Donors can provide ongoing permanent support to one or more of their favorite organizations by establishing a Designated Fund. With this type of fund, the organization(s) or charitable program(s) the donor selects will receive regular distributions in perpetuity. The fund is invested, and each year a portion of the fund becomes available to spend for grants recommended by the donor-advisor.

A Nonprofit Fund is created by the nonprofit for its own benefit. A Nonprofit Fund makes charitable distributions to the organization to support its general charitable purposes, or a specific purpose defined by its board of directors. These endowments can be set up to allow the nonprofit to access the fund principal for its own charitable purposes.

Scholarship Funds are designed for donors who want to help students from Eastern Washington and North Idaho attend colleges, universities or vocational schools in the region or, with certain scholarships, attend school outside the region.

Future Funds are ideal for families and individuals who want to specify how their assets should be distributed after their lifetimes. Donors establish Future Funds to receive their assets from a will or trust and personally communicate how their charitable contributions will forever benefit their favorite charities.

Administrative Funds exist for the purpose of supporting the work of Innovia Foundation throughout Eastern Washington, North Idaho and beyond.

Power Of Endowment

What if your investment could provide for community needs, not just in your lifetime, but for the long-term? Endowed funds can do just that! Endowments are funds where the principal is invested, while a portion of the fund is distributed annually to your favorite charitable causes–forever continuing your tradition of charitable giving. Most endowments are permanent, but donors may establish a fund that distributes its balance over a set time or terminate in a certain year.

The power of an endowment is in its continuity. Your gift is preserved in perpetuity, with the funds pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term capital growth. Endowed gifts become a part of the Community Foundation’s permanent endowment, meaning they will benefit our community forever.

“The Foundation gives all levels of wealth an opportunity to participate in developing the community.”

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