Civic Leadership

Working together to identify and address local needs and priorities

Every community has unique challenges and opportunities. We know that complex problems can best be tackled through honest and committed partnerships with community members from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Together, we identify local priorities and create solutions to drive community transformation.

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Priority Spokane

Innovia Foundation was the primary convening organization that led to establishing Priority Spokane, a collaboration of organizations working to create a vibrant future for Spokane County. The goal of Priority Spokane is to foster measurable improvements in key areas of community vitality.

CDA 2030

CDA 2030 is a community-based project created to develop a vision for a bright future for the greater Coeur d’Alene region. Innovia Foundation funded CDA 2030 to develop an implementation and sustainability plan, and is a major funder of Opening Books, Opening Doors, a youth literacy initiative that resulted from the visioning process.


Rural Development Initiatives

Innovia Foundation launched a three-year rural development program to increase the leadership capacity in small towns, as well as encourage partnership and collaboration among residents from neighboring communities. The current leadership cohort brings together a diverse mix of residents from communities throughout the Palouse region to identify an important community project that they can collectively implement.