Leadership Councils

2021 Leadership Council New Member Applications are Open

Leadership Council members serve as ambassadors and advisors to Innovia Foundation throughout our 20-county region, and advocate for philanthropic investments in their local communities. Members are approved and appointed by the Innovia Foundation Board of Directors.

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Leadership responsibilities include:

  • Share knowledge of your community’s needs.
  • Provide guidance to Innovia’s Community Grants Program on local grant priorities.
  • Convene local leaders and community members in cooperation with Innovia staff, Board and Committee members.
  • Advocate for philanthropy and assist in developing philanthropic funds.
  • Meet with other Innovia Leadership Councils to foster regional understanding, discuss regional trends and issues, and report on strategic initiatives.
  • Recommend future action by Innovia and the philanthropic community as a whole.

Member Qualifications

  • Commitment to public service and charitable activities
  • Interest in promoting private philanthropy
  • Knowledge of the community, its nonprofit sector, and an understanding of community needs

Time Commitment and Travel

Leadership Council members must be available to attend a minimum of two meetings per year. The spring meeting is generally a two-day Regional Leadership Meeting hosted in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene vicinity. In 2021, that gathering will be a 1/2 day virtual meeting in March. Summer and fall meetings take place in the local Leadership Council regions. Terms are three years with a limit of two terms.

Most leadership council activities are conducted within a council member’s region with ongoing communication via email, phone, and mail. Innovia makes every attempt to focus a council member’s in-person involvement within their own community.