Leadership Councils

As the Community Foundation for Eastern Washington and North Idaho, Innovia Foundation partners with people who want to make our part of the world better. Leadership Councils play a vital role in this work by providing representation from throughout Innovia’s 20-county service area.

Leadership Council members serve as ambassadors and advisors to Innovia Foundation, as well as advocates for philanthropy in general. Members are approved and appointed by the Innovia Foundation Board of Directors.


Leadership Councils perform the following functions:

  • Share knowledge of their community’s needs.
  • Provide guidance to Innovia’s Community Grants Program on local grant priorities.
  • Convene local leaders and community members in cooperation with Innovia staff, Board and Committee members.
  • Advocate for philanthropy and assist in developing philanthropic funds.
  • Meet with other Innovia Leadership Councils to foster regional understanding, discuss regional trends and issues, and report on strategic initiatives.
  • Recommend future action by Innovia and the philanthropic community as a whole.

Member Qualifications

  • Commitment to public service and charitable activities
  • Interest in promoting private philanthropy
  • Knowledge of the community, its nonprofit sector, and an understanding of community needs

Time Commitment and Travel

Leadership Council members must be available to attend two meetings per year. The spring meeting is a two-day Regional Leadership Meeting hosted in the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene vicinity. Fall meetings take place in the local Leadership Council regions. Terms are three years with a limit of two terms.

Most leadership council activities are conducted within a council member’s region with ongoing communication via email, phone, and mail. Innovia makes every attempt to focus a council member’s in-person involvement within their own community.

If you are interested in joining a Leadership Council, please fill out and submit the application form below.

Leadership Council Candidate Form

Thank you for your interest in joining a local Leadership Council for Innovia Foundation. Use this form to provide information for the Leadership Council Selection Committee.
If you are applying for a Leadership Council position, STOP HERE and click the “Submit” button here to submit your application. If you would like to nominate someone else as a Leadership Council candidate, please complete the following questions and submit using the submit at the bottom.


If you know of someone you would like to recommend to a leadership council, you may nominate them with the form below.

Leadership Council Nomination