This is WHO We Are: 2022 Photo Contest Winners Showcase

We received over 60 submissions to the third annual Innovia Foundation Photo Contest: This is WHO We Are. We are immensely grateful for the time and talent each photographer invested in capturing the beauty and spirit of our communities. We are excited to share the winning images, showcased below. 

Winning Categories: 

  • People 
  • Landscape and Wildlife (Within our 20 county service region. Click here to see our map.) 
  • Education 
  • Arts and Culture 
  • Community 
  • Nonprofit Mission in Action 

We are excited to announce that the following organizations, based on the selections of our first place winners, will receive grants to support the wonderful work they do in our region. 

First Place Overall Winner: "Clearing a Jam"

Photographer: Rod Schwartz

Location: Palouse, WA

People Category Winners

FIRST: “Clearing a Jam”

Photographer: Rod Schwartz

Location: Palouse, WA

SECOND: “Blue Eyes”

Photographer: Tess Rae

Location: Bonners Ferry, ID

THIRD: “Sunken Lumber Company Boat and Diver”

Photographer: Chris McNaughton (submitted by Sue Mauro)

Location: Diamond Lake, ID

Landscape and Wildlife Category Winners

FIRST: “Coyote Twins”

Photographer: Rod Schwartz

Location: Whitman County, WA

SECOND: “Lightning Over the River”

Photographer: James Probus

Location: Long Lake, Spokane River, WA

THIRD: “The Winter Unicorn”

Photographer: Joanie Christian

Location: Colville, WA

Education Category Winners

FIRST: “The Adventures of Dr. Seuss”

Photographer: Marnie Rorholm

Location: Spokane Valley Summer Theatre Conservatory Camp, Advent Lutheran Church

SECOND: “Newport’s Big Wheel with Some of Newport’s Little Learners”

Photographer: Sue Mauro

Location: Pend Oreille County Historical Society Museum “Big Wheel”, Newport, WA


Photographer: Phil Champlin

Location: HUB Sports Center, Liberty Lake, WA

Arts and Culture Category Winners

FIRST: “Chief Lookingglass Pow-Wow”

Photographer: Lorie Palmer

Location: Wa-a’Yas Community Center, Kamiah, ID

SECOND: “Playtime at the Farm”

Photographer: Joanie Christian

Location: Colville, WA

THIRD: “A Great Place to Create”

Photographer: Julie Hartwig

Location: Artisans at the Dahmen Barn, Uniontown, WA

Community Category Winners

FIRST: “Woohoo, We Made it to the Top”

Photographer: Chris Madunich

Location: Beacon Hill Towers, Spokane, WA

SECOND: “Winter Night Scene in Moscow”

Photographer: Joanie Christian

Location: Moscow, ID

THIRD: “Pausing to Share”

Photographer: Rod Schwartz

Location: National Lentil Festival, Pullman, WA

Nonprofit Mission in Action Category Winners

FIRST: “Doggies for Adoption”

Photographer: Lorie Palmer

Location: Animal Rescue Foundation, Grangeville, ID

SECOND: “Women Can Too!”

Photographer: Julie Hartwig

Location: Artisans at the Dahmen Barn, Uniontown, WA

THIRD (tie): “Streamside Trees”

Photographer: James Probus

Location: The Land Council, Feryn Conservation Area, Spokane, WA

THIRD (tie): “Benches at Riverside”

Photographer: Tess Rae

Location: 9B Trails, Riverside Park, Bonners Ferry, ID

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