Together for Good: 2023 Photo Contest Winners Showcase

We received over 100 submissions to the fourth annual Innovia Foundation Photo Contest: Together for Good. We are immensely grateful for the time and talent each photographer invested in capturing the beauty and spirit of our communities. We are excited to share the winning images, showcased below. 

Winning Categories: 

  • People 
  • Landscape and Wildlife (Within our 20 county service region. Click here to see our map.) 
  • Arts and Culture 
  • Community 
  • Nonprofit Mission in Action 

We are excited to announce that the following organizations, based on the selections of our first place winners, will receive grants to support the wonderful work they do in our region. 

  •  County Fire District #9 Little Pend Oreille Lakes Fire Station
  •  WSU Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
  •  Second Harvest Inland Northwest
  •  Animal Rescue Foundation Inc.
  •  ParaSport Spokane

First Place Overall Winner: "It Starts Young"

Photographer: Joanie Christian

People Category Winners

FIRST: “Fiddle Jam”

Photographer: Lorie Palmer

SECOND: “Cathy Del Pizzo of Serve Spokane”

Photographer: Brandon Vasquez

THIRD: “I Make the World a Better Place”

Photographer: Brian Newberry

Landscape and Wildlife Category Winners

FIRST: “Fight to the Finish”

Photographer: Joanie Christian

SECOND: “A Kaleidoscope of Joy”

Photographer: Phyllis Slayton

THIRD: “Arches at Latah”

Photographer: Larry Conboy

Arts and Culture Category Winners

FIRST: “It Starts Young”

Photographer: Joanie Christian

SECOND: “Christmas in Nordman”

Photographer: Jennae Pegg

THIRD (TIE): “Frosty Remnant of the Past”

Photographer: Joanie Christian

THIRD (TIE): "Monster Truck Awe at the Spokane County Fair"

Photographer: Shelley Engle

Community Category Winners

FIRST: “Second Harvest Inland Northwest Sunset”

Photographer: Brandon Vasquez

SECOND: “Celebrating Summer”

Photographer: Patti Livingstone

THIRD: “Earth Day Every Day”

Photographer: Jimmy Matlosz

Nonprofit Mission in Action Category Winners

FIRST: “Paralympian Tyler Byers Leading the Field”

Photographer: Sonja Barrera

SECOND: “Coming Together to Learn a New Piece of Equipment”

Photographer: Allison Turcotte

THIRD: “Volunteers Load Food”

Photographer: Brandon Vasquez

Honorable Mentions

"Devil's Toenail Rapids"
Photographer: Larry Conboy

"Golden Serenity on the Little Spokane River"
Photographer: Edward Liu

"Hummer at Rest"
Photographer: Kelley Shelton

Photographer: Sonja Barrera

"Starry Night on the Palouse"
Photographer: Shelley Engle

"Sugar-Frosted Vista House"
Photographer: Jeff Gibson

"The Fall"
Photographer: Karl Meyer

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