Innovia Foundation Announces Community Heart & Soul® Program 

Spokane, WA, March 7, 2024 Innovia Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the Community Heart & Soul® Program throughout its 20-county service area in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. Community Heart & Soul will provide partial seed funding and program support to rural communities with a population under 30,000 to initiate a resident-driven process to engage the entire community in identifying what they love most about their community, what they want for the future and how to achieve it.

The program will be officially launched at Innovia’s upcoming Community Leadership Summit on March 18 and 19, 2024. Communities interested in the program must have one or more representatives at the summit to learn more and be eligible for funding.  Eligible applicants include 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations and local governments.  Grant applications will be accepted this summer, and up to ten selected communities will be awarded a two-year grant. 

Grant funding provided through Innovia will support community-based project coordinators in the selected communities for up to two years and provide them with program training and other resources to include an assigned coach. Seed money will also be provided to support actions and activities identified in the community’s plan.   

“With all of the growth and changes we are seeing in our rural communities across the region, it is more important than ever that community members come together to design their future by protecting and preserving what matters most to them and support the development and growth of things they want that are good for the community,” said Shelly O’Quinn, CEO of Innovia Foundation. “Our communities are recognizing that need and we are proud to bring the tools and funding resources to the table to help them.” 

Since its inception, Community Heart & Soul has served as a proven model for community building and development for small cities and towns across the country. The program is based on three powerful principles – involve everyone, focus on what matters most and play the long game. By bringing residents together through a non-partisan process, differences fade, trust is built and the things they care most about replace the differences.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Innovia Foundation to bring much-needed support for resident engagement to communities in their region. Innovia brings a strong network of philanthropic partners and experience in building community leadership that will ensure success.” said Mark Sherman, President of Community Heart & Soul.

Registration for Innovia’s Community Leadership Summit is now open and available online at Registration for Innovia volunteers and members of its ten regional Leadership Councils is free. 

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