Innovia Foundation awards Spokane Workforce Council $125K for aspiring underserved college students

The Spokane Workforce Council (SWC) has been awarded $125,400 from Innovia Foundation through its Cultivating Potential Sustaining Fund to provide scholarships to underserved young adults who will pursue post-secondary educational success. The SWC will help these students develop academic and career objectives, provide access to educational opportunities, and guide students to successfully achieve their goals and positively impact their communities.

Established by a donor to Innovia Foundation in August 2021, this latest award from the Cultivating Potential Sustaining Fund will enable SWC partners and service providers at the Next Generation Zone to subsidize tuition, fees, books and other education-related expenses that traditionally prevent disadvantaged young adults from fulfilling their goals of receiving a college education.

Additionally, Next Generation Zone staff will support young adults by providing access to career guidance with a mentor, build networks with scholarship recipients through monthly cohort meetings and check-ins, and pave the way for access to more career services, resources and support that help remove barriers to success.

“This is a tremendous gift from an anonymous donor,” said Jessica Clayton, SWC Program and Development Director. “We want to thank you for choosing the SWC and Next Generation Zone to continue helping our area young adults reach for the stars!”

“The generosity of our donors continues to transform lives by investing in the transform lives by investing in the future of our community," added Innovia CEO Shelly O’Quinn. “We are proud to partner with Spokane Workforce Council tomake a lasting positive impact in the lives of students and families.”

The SWC will administer the scholarship fund on behalf of Innovia, and will subcontract with agency partners at the Next Generation Zone to deliver services and accomplish the academic and workforce outcomes and prepare these young people for career success.

“We are grateful to Innovia for entrusting us with this award that leverages our strong local system and links more young adults with the resources they need to launch their successful career journey,” said Mark Mattke, SWC Chief Executive Officer. “This award, which will result in numerous scholarships, will make a huge and lasting impact upon the lives of these students and contribute to our region’s long-term economic prosperity.”

Learn more about the Next Generation Zone, Spokane County’s only one-stop career and education center for young adults 16-24 years old by visiting their website below.

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