Kootenai County Leadership Council Launches the Kootenai Forever Fund

Innovia Foundation announces the launch of the Kootenai Forever Fund that will benefit all of Kootenai County.

Inspired by the idea of a permanent endowment to meet the greatest needs of Kootenai County for generations to come, the Kootenai County Leadership Council members launched this fund with a $5,000 matching gift challenge from Jan and Troy Tymesen. With generous gifts from Leadership Council members and members of the community, the Kootenai Forever Fund has now reached over $23,000.

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Embracing the sustainability and flexibility of an endowment was integral to the vision for this fund. “The Kootenai Forever Fund resonates with the needs people see in our community today, while being nimble enough to serve the needs 20 years from now and beyond,” Jan Tymesen, Leadership Council member, shared. “This flexibility secures that this ‘community chest’ will forever be available to meet the ever-changing needs of our county.”

The inspiring and visionary leadership demonstrated by the Kootenai County Leadership Council, one of ten regional councils across Innovia Foundation’s 20-county service region, exemplifies the attentiveness and advocacy for local needs that Innovia relies upon to ignite generosity that transforms lives and communities. “Innovia is grateful to partner with the Kootenai County Leadership Council to launch this endowment,” said Shelly O’Quinn, CEO of Innovia Foundation. “We are inspired by their eagerness to collectively serve and individually contribute to their community.”

The Leadership Council encourages all those who are invested in ensuring the needs of their community are sustainably met to consider giving to this fund. Contributions to the Kootenai Forever Fund will remain responsive and local, benefiting communities all throughout Kootenai County.

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