Reimagining Our Communities Photo Contest Winner Showcase

We love to highlight the beauty, resiliency and generosity of our region.

With over 60 submissions to our 2021 Second Annual Photo Contest Reimagining Our Communities, we thank each of our participants for showing us the people, landscapes and wildlife that inspired them this year. It is with gratitude that we announce the winning photographs, each uniquely capturing what makes our region so special.


  • Landscape and Nature (Within our 20 county service region. Click here to see our map.)
  • Animals or Wildlife
  • Places and Spaces
  • Capturing the Human Spirit
  • Heart of the Community
  • Nonprofit Mission in Action

We are excited to announce that the following organizations, based on the selections of our first place contest winners, will receive grants to support the wonderful work they do in our region.

  • Friends of the Little Pend Oreille Wildlife Refuge
  • Birds of Prey Northwest
  • Biodiversity Research Institute
  • Fire Station #9 for the Little Pend Oreille Lakes Chain
  • Friends of the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness
  • East Chapter of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance
  • Habitat for Humanity Spokane

First Place Overall Winner: All Tuckered Out

An image of a local Pacific Northwest waterfowl with her ducklings.

Photographer: Joanie Christian
Location: Ferry County

Read about the extraordinary conditions of capturing this photo and the importance of loons in our region.

Landscape and Nature Category Winners

First Place: All Tuckered Out

An image of a local Pacific Northwest waterfowl with her ducklings.

Photographer: Joanie Christian
Location: Ferry County

Second Place: Palouse Vista

Photographer: Joanie Christian
Location: Kamiak Butte

Third Place: Winter Scene

Photographer: Don Komen
Location: Pend Oreille River

Animals or Wildlife Category Winners

First Place: Scotchman Peak Sentinel


Photographer: Deb Hunsicker
Location: Scotchman Peak, Idaho

Second Place: Hummer Sips

Photographer: Mary Sanderson
Location: Kootenai County

Third Place: Quail in a Tamarack of Autumn Gold

Photographer: Joanie Christian
Location: Colville, Washington

Places and Spaces Category Winners

First Place: This is the Life

Photographer: Joanie Christian
Location: Big Meadow Lake

Second Place: Pend Oreille Valley Spring

Photographer: Don Komen
Location: West Kalispell, Pend Oreille County

Third Place: Golden Palouse and Barn

Photographer: Judi Cronin
Location: Whitman County

Capturing the Human Spirit Category Winners

First Place: Mountain Junkies at Dusk on Beacon Hill

Photographer: Daniel Wilson
Location: Beacon Hill Towers

Second Place: The View from the Barn

Photographer: Lisa Giegel
Location: Otis Orchards

Third Place: Grit

Photographer: Vanette Leighty
Location: Goat Mountain Trail #135, Scotchman Peak Wilderness

Heart of the Community Category Winners

First Place: Heart of the City in the Blue Hour

Photographer: Joanie Christian
Location: Riverfront Park, Spokane

Second Place: Hands Across the Falls – United

Photographer: Dave Williams
Location: Downtown Spokane

Third Place: Music Around The World

Photographer: Eric Betz
Location: Spokane & Japan

Nonprofit Mission in Action Category Winners

First Place: Empowered Women Empower Communities

Photographer: Caroline Schibel
Location: Hope Meadows, Deer Park

Second Place: A Child Hopes for Home

Photographer: Caroline Schibel
Location: Hope Meadows, Deer Park

Third Place: ECEAP – Early Learning in Action

Photographer: Arrianne Maldonado
Location: Spokane, Washington

An image of a local Pacific Northwest waterfowl with her ducklings.

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