UCAN Supports Children and Adults with special needs

The people in Bonner and Boundary Counties are working to ensure every person has the opportunity to thrive, particularly in the special needs community.

In Sandpoint, Idaho, the nonprofit UCAN empowers children and adults with special needs to discover their strength through fitness opportunities. Inspired by this mission, Innovia Foundation’s longtime philanthropic partner, Equinox Foundation, stepped in with a generous start-up grant for UCAN. The generosity of partners like Equinox and the local insight of our over 200 volunteers and trusted leaders makes our work possible and magnifies our impact on the nonprofits that need it most.

With the guidance and generosity of these valuable partnerships, UCAN is expanding its selection of adaptive equipment to include new playground systems, an arm-powered, wheelchair accessible stationary bicycle, and fresh safety mat flooring.  

UCAN opened in spring 2021 with a vision to provide children and adults with special needs access to fitness and nutrition support. In addition to adaptive equipment, UCAN offers physical therapy sessions, special needs group workout classes and PE visits from local public schools. All kids need the opportunity to receive healthy foods in their diet and physical activity to boost their mind, body and spirit. 

Watch the video below to learn more about how the generosity of our partners helps sustain the vital work of UCAN, supporting and empowering the special needs community in Sandpoint.

An image of a young child with special needs swinging happily on a swing.

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