Connie Emry

Administrative Assistant

A full-time employee of Innovia Foundation in the mid-’80s and early ’90s, Connie is now our “Friday Gal.” Every Friday, Connie faithfully assists with numerous assignments.

As Connie says, “I enjoy my Friday Gal title and will do whatever needs to be done. I marvel at all the good that has been accomplished through Innovia Foundation and enjoy working with dedicated people who have served in many capacities over the years.”

Connie is a Gonzaga University graduate and attended Gonzaga-In-Florence, in “primo anno.” She has four wonderful children and seven beautiful and talented grandchildren, some of whom reside locally and others in Maryland and San Diego, a perfect reason for Connie to enjoy occasional travel. Connie is deeply connected to several causes that are near and dear to her heart and volunteers at the Museum of Arts and Culture, Hospice of Spokane (for 23 years) and Spokane Preservation Advocates.

P: 509-624-2606   E: