9B Trails plans rejuvenating, outdoor recreational spaces in Boundary County

With the mission of providing accessible public trails, 9B Trails understands the importance of preserving natural resources and helping the community experience them. With gyms and other communal exercise spaces closed for the time being, outdoor recreation is crucial to mental and physical health—but finances and busy schedules often prevent people from getting the fresh air they need. 9B Trails is making access to trail systems as easy as possible, so that people can rejuvenate, connect with others and grow their skills in the outdoors.

A $13,000 community grant from Innovia Foundation is helping 9B Trails finish two separate trail systems, complete with parking, signage and kiosks. “When a nonprofit can acquire land, design trail systems and develop a project through volunteer efforts without stagnation, magic happens,” says Tess Rae, 9B Trails’ treasurer. “That magic is happening in Boundary County.” Much of the work relies on volunteer efforts, and Innovia’s grant will cover materials and additional skilled labor to complete trailhead amenities.

Now, the Enchanted Forest and Section 16 trail systems will offer high-quality recreation destinations for the future, including 30 miles of planned hiking trails and over 15 miles for mountain biking, skiing and snowshoeing.

“9B Trails’ vision is understood and echoed by many,” says Rae. “It’s imperative to create outdoor spaces accessible to people of a variety of skills and abilities, in a way that preserves, protects and ensures such pleasures for generations to come.”


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