Coalition develops fund to address domestic violence rates in Spokane County

Spokane County has the highest rates of domestic violence in the state of Washington. The Spokane Regional Domestic Violence Coalition has fought this phenomenon since the early 1990s, partnering with community agencies and thoughtful citizens from a variety of sectors. The coalition strives to educate the public and catalyze a communal effort against domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, child abuse and stalking.

“To create real and lasting change, we all must participate to ‘End the Violence,’” says Annie Murphy, Executive Director of the coalition. “End the silence and you will help to end the violence. We need to let victims know they are not alone, and as a community, we will not tolerate violent or abusive behaviors.”

Now, the End the Violence Fund at Innovia Foundation will empower a community-wide awareness campaign and support the coalition’s evolving efforts to address domestic violence. Business funders are also backing the initiative and encouraging more partners to offer financial support. Those affected are our families, friends and neighbors, and fighting this epidemic of violence is critical to ensuring a safe and healthy community for every person in our region.

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