Cultivating Joy Through Specialized Needs Recreation

Specialized Needs Recreation (SNR) believes that every individual can live a joyful, active and fulfilling life, provided the opportunity. The organization offers recreational socialization opportunities for individuals with special needs through a variety of programs in Coeur d’Alene. 

“Our programs provide connections for people with special needs, connections they otherwise do not have within their immediate family unit,” said Lindsay Patterson, Executive Director. “SNR becomes their community, providing a safe space for them to independently participate in activities.”  

One of their programs, SNR Life Group, helps adult participants develop life skills so they can lead more independent lives. Group activities include budgeting, exercise, cooking, community outings, educational tours and volunteer opportunities. 

Our participants gain the independence and confidence to socialize amongst their peers."


A grant provided by Innovia supports SNR program scholarships that are available for all participants and all programs. Ninety percent of participants of the organization’s programs come from low to moderate-income households. 

“Grant funding makes it possible for children with special needs to attend SNR Camp, providing them the opportunity to foster friendships, gain independence and develop personal growth,” said Lindsay.

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