Idaho Trails Association maintains the beauty of North Idaho

With over 19,000 miles of hiking trails, the beautiful state of Idaho is a playground for outdoor adventurers from around the U.S. and the world. The Idaho Trails Association (ITA) is a nonprofit organization that works with volunteers to care for these trails and keep them accessible and enjoyable for hikers of all ages.

The ITA received a $7,920 grant from the Equinox Foundation grant program at Innovia Foundation to help open and improve approximately 40 miles of Idaho’s most rugged trails. The award will support two trail projects in Bonner and Boundary counties, where hiking trails are falling into disrepair.

“There is an increase in need to maintain these trails for fear of losing them in the future,” said Jeff Halligan, ITA executive director.

With the grant funds, ITA will lead two groups of 12 volunteers deep into North Idaho’s remote backcountry. Each work crew will set up camp and spend seven days rebuilding the trails, clearing fallen trees and rocks, and completing other needed maintenance.

The grant will provide ITA with the funds to coordinate the projects, recruit and train volunteers, transport and compensate crew leaders, and secure supplies for the base camp, food, tools and other project needs.

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