Jumpstart Program helps World Relief Spokane

Innovia Foundation partnered with Network for Good to fund the Jumpstart Program for eight nonprofit organizations. Jumpstart provides nonprofits with the integrated tools, plan, coaching, and technology required to build the fundraising capacity to diversify revenue and sustain the programs they fund., providing them with resources to build a sustainable fundraising plan.

World Relief Spokane was one of the organizations that received a grant to participate in the year-long program. Over the past 25 years, World Relief has resettled 10,000 refugees in Spokane. When they experienced a recent decrease in funding, they worked with Jumpstart to ignite their fundraising efforts resulting in a significant increase in contributions.

“We experienced unprecedented success. We tripled our revenue and raised more in four months of 2018 than we raised in all of the prior fiscal year. That will go a long way to helping refugees settle in Spokane!” said Bob Savage.

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