Local business owners fight against human trafficking in the Idaho region

Whether they are serving their customers or their community, Dan & Anne Alsaker are committed to going the “extra mile”. Their family business, Broadway Flying J Travel Plaza, is known for more than its welcoming fuel stops. The Alsakers actively use their platform to fight against the problem of human trafficking within the region. By posting help lines and advocating for improved legislation, the couple has spearheaded a movement to restore freedom to those trapped in trafficking situations. 

The Alsaker’s genuine care for their community grows from a rich family history. As an immigrant from Norway, Dan’s grandmother was widowed young. Left with seven mouths to feed, her Idaho community stood by her side to ensure her children received the education and support they needed to thrive.  

“My grandmother taught me to give, care and share,” Dan says. “She always said, ‘If you have two peas in the pot, share one of them.’” 

Through Dan and Anne’s investment in local communities, the Alsaker family legacy of giving continues. With two gifts of life insurance, the couple has established a fund to enrich educational opportunities for youth, promote healthy living and healthy economies and tackle the housing security and criminal justice challenges facing the community. The Alsaker’s fund is improving lives across the region and securing a better future for generations to come. 

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