Lumen High School Fills Niche for Teen Parents

With the stresses that often come from social media and the myriad of other obstacles encountered on the path to high school graduation, the journey becomes even more daunting for a teenage parent.  

It’s a large part of what motivated Lumen High School Executive Director Shauna Edwards (at left in photo) to establish the school for teen parents. Like Shauna and Lumen’s organizers, Innovia has been a staunch supporter of the school since its inception.  

"Lumen is needed because our kids just need an opportunity to shine," says school principal Melissa Pettey. "They've made the courageous choice to keep and raise their child."

In 2021, Lumen High established a fund with Innovia that will sustain their mission for years to come. The fund will advance Lumen’s work to help teen parents by providing an early childhood learning center for their children, as well as a safe place for students to thrive as they work to achieve a high school diploma. 

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