Making Waves with Just 5%

“You don’t need millions to make an impact,” says Aaron McMurray, Chief Strategy Officer at Innovia.

Since the release of a regional transfer of wealth study in 2019, Innovia has joined with local leaders and nonprofits in galvanizing the community around the power of giving back just 5%. The numbers are staggering: $42 billion is expected to transfer generations in Eastern Washington and North Idaho over the next decade. While much of that wealth will go to family members and heirs, the 5% Invested, Fully Committed campaign launched by Innovia inspires people to consider giving 5% in end-of-life generosity to their community.

“It is critical that people plan now,” says Geraldine Lewis, Innovia Board President and Sandpoint, Idaho resident. “We can all imagine and invest in the future we want for our communities.”

"We can all imagine and invest in the future we want for our communities."

Just ask Valley, Washington residents and first-generation college graduates, Judy and Terry Davis (top photo). Retired from careers in social service and education, the couple established two funds at Innovia to provide local scholarships and teacher innovation awards that inspire the next generation of children to dream bigger.

For Dianne Quast and Christina Pegg (bottom photo), a shared passion for housing security sparked their desire to give back. After careers working for housing security organizations, the couple set aside the remainder of their estate to support housing and homelessness initiatives in Spokane.

Enriching education opportunities, opening doors to new homes, or fulfilling whatever one’s charitable passion might be, anyone can make a difference by planning now to leave 5%. When we share a commitment to support the causes that transform people’s lives, we ensure that our region will continue to be a great place to live, work and play for generations to come.

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