Nonprofit develops pig farm to combat sex trafficking in Uganda

Sex trafficking is a tragic epidemic in Uganda. Eternal Hope is a locally based Christian non-profit organization committed to rescuing girls from this exploitation. “I was struck by a simple fact early in this undertaking: the girls who have been forced into prostitution have no one to turn to,” said Chris Cheeley, an Eternal Hope board member. “There is no 911 in Uganda.  It’s easy for us to take law enforcement and justice for granted here in the U.S.”

With the aid of a donor-advised grant from the Cheeley Family Fund at Innovia Foundation, Eternal Hope builds sustainable businesses to fund existing ministries that give these exploited girls someone to turn to.

The organization’s first business project is a commercial pig farm. Pork and chips is a popular dish in Uganda, but most pigs come from subsistence farms. Eternal Hope is developing the first commercial pig farm in the country, supplying a steady source of income that will directly benefit anti-trafficking ministries. The farm will also economically improve the community surrounding Kampala by issuing drought-resistant maise seed to local farmers and later buying back the harvested maise for use in pig feed.

The eventual goal of Eternal Hope is to end sex trafficking in Uganda entirely. The simple starting point of a pig farm exists to protect future generations from exploitation and to enable freed girls to pursue education, careers, and ultimately, redemptive and successful lives.

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