Professional Advisor Spotlight: Diane J. Kiepe, Douglas Eden

Diane J. Kiepe, Principal
Douglas Eden

For Diane Kiepe, generosity has always been a deep commitment.  Raised in a working class family as the daughter of a career naval officer, Diane witnessed firsthand her families’ commitment to generosity.  “Sharing was always an expectation—a joyful expectation- not something we did begrudgingly.”

Diane has lived out that spirit of generosity and service to others in her long and respected career as an attorney with Douglas Eden in Spokane, WA. She recognizes that for many people, the greatest way they can serve others is through the generosity of their giving.  Diane has been a member of the Spokane Estate Planning Council, and actively works with her clients to establish charitable legacy through estate plans and bequests.

Diane’s motivation also comes from persevering through hardship. When a family member faced job and financial instability during the recession of 2008, Diane was reminded of the importance of having a family support system and will always be grateful that she had so many people her family could rely on. She realizes, however, not everyone has such a support system and believes that we all must rely on each other.

“We should look at our community as an integral part of any support system,” Diane says.

As a trusted and experienced estate planning attorney Diane helps clients find avenues for their philanthropy.

For instance, one client received a substantial inheritance and decided all of it should benefit the community. Diane directed her client to Innovia Foundation to establish a discretionary fund. The fund balance is now approaching $1 million. Through the Community Grant Program at Innovia Foundation, the fund has made over $200,000 in distributions to nonprofit organizations supporting youth programs, business coaching for artists, and more.

Given the staggering amount of wealth that will transfer to the next generation in the Inland Northwest, Diane realizes the impact donors could have if they donated just a fraction of their estates. She appreciates Innovia’s ability to help clients meet their individual charitable goals, including flexibility when goals change.

“The longer Innovia Foundation exists, the longer our community will thrive,” Diane says. “When there’s a need, the community comes together. Innovia acts as a focal point to listen to those needs and decide where resources will make the most impact.”

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