Professional Advisor Spotlight: Jeff and Angie Feuerstein

Since their college days at Washington State University, Jeff and Angie Feuerstein have spread their love for community throughout Pullman. As a financial advisor, Jeff helps his clients donate creative assets — distributions from retirement accounts, charitable trusts and life insurance—to achieve their charitable goals with meaningful tax deductions.

Jeff and Angie advocate for group philanthropy, making generosity a relational activity. In her time with the Women’s Leadership Guild at Pullman Regional Hospital, supporting nonprofits across the Palouse, Angie experienced firsthand the cumulative impact of joining together for good.

“Leveraging with each other to give is not only fulfilling, but it also creates a greater impact,” says Angie.

Giving is a joy the Feuersteins are keen to share with their clients and through their own philanthropy.

Money is often a cause of stress and anxiety, but there is a joy that comes from giving generously to help others."

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