Providing emergency financial assistance to Columbia County residents: Project Timothy

Since 1990, Project Timothy has been providing emergency financial assistance to people in Columbia County. Many of their clients have lived in poverty their entire lives, and they often turn to Project Timothy, distraught over financial hardship. Project Timothy provides emergency assistance for housing, food, rent, utilities and public transportation, helping to give clients a sense of relief and comfort.

The COVID-19 pandemic has enormously magnified the need for Project Timothy. Many of their new clients are people who have never had to ask anyone for financial help and now find themselves unable to pay the bills for the first time in their lives. Project Timothy received a $20,000 grant from Innovia Foundation to aid their work—one of 138 grants totaling $779,000 from the COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Funds at Innovia.

“It is a wonderful gift to be able to see new clients leave with hope and gratitude that their bills are being taken care of,” says Jeannie Lyonnais. “I know we are facing some difficult times, but it warms my heart to see how people will help those who are struggling financially.”

Thanks to Project Timothy and the generosity of our region, those most deeply impacted by the pandemic are getting the help they need.

“The coronavirus has given us a new dimension of service. We now are seeing people who have never had to ask anyone for help,” said Jeannie. “They are people who have always worked, have paid their bills and may have been living paycheck to paycheck, but they’ve been financially responsible for meeting their personal financial needs.”

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