Restoring Land, Water and Hope

“We are in the forever business,” says Dave Schaub, Director of Inland Northwest Land Conservancy (INLC).

The small but mighty team at INLC diligently partners with local landowners and community organizations to ensure healthy forests, rivers and grasslands are a part of the region’s legacy for years to come. As they pursue long-term impact, INLC seeks people who are excited to share in their bold vision for the future.

Alice Clausen was a person who shared INLC’s dream of creating a vibrant environment. A lifelong resident of the Northern Palouse, Alice watched the once-pristine creeks of her family farm run brown. Captivated by the natural beauty of her land, Alice believed restoration could extend beyond the waters and soils of her farm to the region at large. Upon her passing, Alice left a generous gift to support the outstanding work of INLC. Empowered by her generosity, INLC partnered with Innovia to establish the Northern Palouse Legacy Fund. Designed to improve the health of Alice’s land and sustain the larger work of INLC, the creeks on her beloved farm are already running a little clearer.

“Alice wasn’t a biologist or scientist by training,” says Schaub. “What she knew of the land, she learned by looking out her front window.”

Time, resources or a passion for the natural world, anyone has the tools to help preserve the vitality of the region. Any gift, even just 5%, makes a meaningful difference.

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