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Three-week-old Maddie was delivered to the doorstep of Tricia Hughes in 2008. Over the next months, Hughes, a foster and adoptive mother, cradled Maddie through the symptoms of withdrawal. Now a member of the Hughes family, Maddie received care and support that many babies born under similar circumstances never receive. Headed by Hughes and a dedicated team of volunteers, the nonprofit Maddie’s Place strives to change that reality for babies born in Spokane, where drug-dependency adversely impacts more than 10% of all live births.

A newly acquired facility is promising to bring those dreams closer to fruition. With support from numerous partners, including Innovia, a remodel is underway, transforming a 12,000 square-foot building into a comforting space ready to provide specialized treatment, love and support for up to 170 babies each year. Once opened, the facility will become the first Pediatric Transitional Care Facility in the region and only the fourth in the nation.

As the adoptive mother of five infants born with drug dependency, Hughes deeply appreciates the importance of maternal and familial bonding for babies struggling through the symptoms of withdrawal. To meet this critical need, the facility, slated to open in early 2022, will offer 24-hour specialized care for both mothers and infants. Volunteers at Maddie’s Place have seen the impact of this care model for years. When mothers are given the opportunity to bond with their babies, become familiar with their cues, and be involved in their care, they are more successful in breaking free from addiction, retaining custody of their children and having healthier future pregnancies.

“The generosity of the Spokane community and the incredible support for our mission has been one of the greatest blessings of my life,” says Hughes. “We cannot wait to start caring for these precious babies.”

"We cannot wait to start caring for these precious babies."

Children born with drug dependency or affected by drugs face a myriad of long-term complications, but nurturing care in those first critical days, weeks and months after birth can make a lifetime of difference. By caring for babies and families from birth onward, Maddie’s Place is committed to making a generational investment in the children and families of our communities and changing the trajectory of their lives toward healing and hope.

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