Through scholarships and awards, a couple hopes to tackle educational challenges

Judy and Terry Davis have shared a full life of adventure, traveling and whole-hearted service to their community. As first-generation college graduates, Judy and Terry are eager to pass the gift of education on to the future students of their beloved community in Valley, Washington.  

The couple first met in the Peace Corp and spent months hitchhiking thousands of miles across Africa. Equipped with a lifetime of memories, the pair has set out to enrich learning opportunities for local students, helping them foster bigger dreams for their futures.  

“It is so important to give of your time, talent and treasure in doing something good for your community, no matter where,” say the couple. “You never know where your next Einstein or Shakespeare is going to come from.”  

For both, the dream of better quality of life for children has never been far from view. Judy spent her career supporting governmental programs for women, infants and children while Terry tackled educational challenges as a member of the local school board. With the establishment of local scholarship and teacher innovation awards, the couple is breathing life into their vision.  

“The biggest impact anybody made on me was giving me an education,” says Terry. “Sometimes it just takes a little window of opportunity for a child to dream bigger about their life.” 

Through their investment, Judy and Terry Davis are inviting teachers and students to educate creatively and dream big. 

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