The ability to read allows children to succeed not just in school, but in life ahead of them.

We know that when children struggle to read, it hurts a community’s wellbeing. Studies show that literacy has the power to open doors for success, grow the economy, remove socio-economic barriers and even reduce incarceration rates. Learning to read doesn’t just help a child, it also helps everyone around them succeed.

Read to a child. Help build a stronger community.


Books Open Doors

Kids who master reading by 3rd grade are five times more likely to be career or college ready.

Books Remove Barriers

Reading to a child is more important to their language and reading development than their family’s income or social class.

Books Grow the Economy

Every dollar spent on a donated book generates $64 in benefits for the whole community.

Books Fight Crime

Kids who can read stay out of jail, but 85% of kids in juvenile detention struggle with reading.

We all have a role to support literacy in our community.

You can do your part!

Read to a child

Reading to a child is the single most important thing we can do to help kids meet important literacy milestones.

Make time to read to a child in your life today. Whether you are a grandparent, an older sister or an uncle you can help support a love of reading. Many children in our community do not have someone to read to them regularly.

You can change that! Sign up to be a Book Buddy to read one-on-one with a young reader.

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Donate a book

In order to read, kids need books! But not just any book—let’s give children books they are excited
to read.

Donate a book. Check out our reading list to find in-demand books to make sure your donation has the most impact.

For $500 you can adopt a Classroom Library, giving a new first or second-year teacher $500 worth of books for their entire classroom. Contact Marie Nail.

You can also donate any amount of money to Innovia Foundation’s Opening Books, Opening Doors fund, who purchases high quality books for kids throughout the year.


Ignite a love for reading

Encourage local young readers to record and share a review of their favorite book. Check out Carter’s 1 million star review of Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express:


Build a stronger community

Reading is not just for the classroom.
We can keep reading top of mind throughout our community.

Own a business? Consider featuring books from our Book List in your waiting room, coffee shop or window display.

Click here for a brief training video on how to use the toolkit.

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