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Shoshone County

Tough As Nails

Caryn Bothman and her family established the nonprofit, Tough As Nails. A community grant from Innovia made their most recent project possible.

Revitalizing the Wallace Community Pool

Nestled in pine forests of North Idaho, Wallace is a small town with a big personality. Emblazoned on a manhole cover in the center of the town are the words, “The Center of the Universe.” For decades, the Wallace community pool has served as an anchor in that universe.

Cultivating Potential Sustaining Fund

Pamela Javier never hesitates to put the needs of others before herself. Whether she is caring for her infant daughter or volunteering at a local charity, her compassionate heart and determined spirit are hard at work. As a young mother and first-generation Asian American college student, Pamela dreams of becoming a registered nurse.

Offering Childcare and Hope in North Idaho

The relief of not having to worry about what essentials I have to cut out or skimp on to pay childcare was huge for my family,” says one grateful parent who received an emergency childcare scholarship through a program of United Way of North Idaho.

Preserving the Story of Silver Valley: Wallace District Mining Museum

The Wallace District Mining Museum is vital to the local history of North Idaho. Since 1956, the museum has preserved and told the story of the Coeur d’Alene Mining District and Silver Valley. The museum educates and entertains visitors with exhibits and documents that highlight the area’s unique heritage and history of mining. The museum …

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