Innovia Foundation 2022 Photo Contest: This is WHO We Are

Our region is a beautiful patchwork of lives and communities. We invite local photographers to submit images that capture the unique identity and spirit of their communities through our third annual photography contest.

Photo Submission Deadline: May 31, 2022.


1. People

Who makes up your community? Share images of the leaders, workers, kids or residents that give your community life. 

2. Landscape/Wildlife

How does nature enrich your community? Share photos of the farmland, lakes, mountains, forests, wildlife or other natural wonders in your community.  

3. Education

How do people in your community thrive? Share photos that show your community learning and growing. 

4. Arts and Culture

What makes your community vibrant? Share images that showcase the arts and culture of your community. 

5. Community

What makes your community unique? Share photos of the iconic events, celebrations or places that define your community. 

6. Nonprofit Mission in Action

Who serves your community? Share images of your favorite nonprofit in action. 

How to Enter

  • Free to enter and open to residents of Innovia Foundation’s 20-county region (click here to see a map of the region). There is a limit of five photographs per entrant
  • Entrants under the age of 18 must provide permission from a parent or legal guardian during the submission process.
  • No print entries accepted. Only electronic files submitted via our photo contest submission portal will be entered into the contest.
  • Normal processing of the original file is acceptable. See below for more details. 
  • Electronic file name must include entrant’s first initial and last name, i.e. JSmith.jpeg (include number if submitting more than one—JSmith1.jpeg) 
  • Innovia Foundation reserves the right to reject any entry deemed not suitable for consideration due to objectionable content such as the use of profanity, nudity, drug, alcohol or tobacco use, or cruelty to persons or animals. 

Image quality: Minimum 3600 x 4800 pixels 

Format: .jpeg or .png 

Normal processing of the original file is acceptable. That includes: 

● cropping 
● minor adjustments to color, white balance, tone, lighting levels and curves, shadows and highlights, saturation, contrast, sharpness 
● moderate dodging and burning 
● stitched panoroma 
● sharpening, removal of dust spots and moderate reduction of image noise 

Photographs that have been digitally or otherwise altered beyond standard optimization will be disqualified. That includes: 

● HDR frame stacking 
● images that have been manipulated by the addition, removal, or alteration (painting over, cloning, or blurring) of anything in the original subject and scene that were photographed 
● borders, signatures or watermarks 
● changes in color so significant that the processed colors are widely different from the original colors 

Note: Your photo submission authorizes Innovia Foundation to use your image in marketing materials. You are responsible for obtaining permission to photograph from any subjects featured in your submission. All photos must be original work, taken by the entrants. No third party may own or control any materials the photo contains, and the photo must not infringe upon the trademark, copyright, moral rights, intellectual rights, or rights of privacy of any entity or person. No compensation will be provided for the use of submitted photos, other than prize awards outlined below. Photo credit opportunities may or may not apply and are at the discretion of Innovia Foundation and its media partners. 

Prizes and Judging

First place overall will receive a $1,000 grant awarded to a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit of your choice, a canvas print of the winning image, and showcasing on our website. 

First place in each category will receive a $200 grant awarded to a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit of your choice, a canvas print of the winning image, and showcasing on our website. 

Second place in each category will receive a canvas print of the winning image, and showcasing on our website. 

Third place in each category will be showcased on our website. 

Innovia Foundation has recruited a team of external judges to select winning images. Winners will be announced the week of June 13.

Any questions? Contact Rachel Quick at or 509-624-2606.

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