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Say Yes to Education – Expanding Community Support for Students in Riverside

SPOKANE, WA, September 2021 — A conversation about community perceptions and priorities around education – and a chance for residents to share a meal – will be the focus of a forum in Riverside High School’s Multi-Purpose Room in Chattaroy WA, on October 7, from 5:30 to 7:30PM. This will be an informal, fun event with a free dinner and free childcare.

The forum is the second of three community meetings led by Innovia Foundation in partnership with College Spark WA and the Riverside School District. Rural communities and schools have a shared stake in the success of local students. Setting youth on a supported course to education beyond high school is an investment in the community. During this interactive ‘Data Walk’, community members will have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on youth data and outcomes that will begin to shape common goals for children growing up in Riverside.

This will have an impact on community vitality. Even if residents do not have children currently attending school or a strong vested interest in education, it is essential to understand and support improvement in learning. It is important because it is an investment in the betterment of everyone’s society and the continuation of a prosperous economy, especially if today’s students are to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Additional foundations and community organizations also joined this 2021 efforts as sponsors and partners. “The Community Needs Assessment allows foundations to learn directly from residents about opportunities to support important work in their community,” noted Shelly O’Quinn, CEO of Innovia Foundation.

The assessment process included a community survey, sent to a random sample of households in rural areas of Washington. The survey results will be shared at the forum through a ‘data walk’. The data walk provides a fun and interactive way to share data and experiences in a way that can advance community change. They also provide the opportunity for community members to share about what it is like to live in this region by discussing needs and providing important input that will help guide local solutions.

“Our goal in TEAM Riverside is to prepare each of our students to graduate on time and enroll in some type of post-HS education and/or training. We strive to know our students by name, strength, and need, so that we can connect their learning experiences to their future dreams, goals, and plans. Our unique partnership with the Innovia Foundation and the overall TEAM Riverside community will open doors of opportunity for our students to become their best selves, now and in the future.” Says Ken Russell, Superintendent of Riverside School District.

Innovia Foundation ignites generosity that transforms lives and communities so that every person has the opportunity to thrive. As the community foundation for Eastern Washington and North Idaho, we partner with people who want to make our world better. We work together to address and solve our region’s problems, help those in need, identify and respond to our greatest opportunities and leave a lasting impact. Each year, Innovia Foundation invests nearly $10 million into our communities through grants and scholarships to nonprofit organizations and local students.

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