A Carousel for Community

Brightly painted horses swirl and enchanting music fills the air, delighting children and adults alike at the Ferry County Fair merry-go-round. A staple for local celebrations and gatherings since 1958, time took its toll and the carousel fell into disrepair.  

Fondly called the “Merry-Go-Round-Man” by local children, longtime Ferry County resident Art Morris led the effort to refurbish the ride in 1992, along with dozens of volunteers and his wife, Nancy. Art Morris was a civic-minded person and believed that everyone should contribute to their community. For Art, the carousel represented more than just nostalgia; it symbolized the bonds connecting community. 

In 2002, the restoration of the merry-go-round and the 5,500 square foot building that housed it was completed. A passionate advocate for the structure, Art was concerned about the long-term maintenance of the carousel and what it would become in the years ahead.

To honor his legacy, Art’s wife Nancy established the Art Morris Merry-Go-Round Fund at Innovia. Through the fund, Art’s dream of preserving the cherished landmark is becoming reality.  

“My husband’s love for our community was so inspiring. He put his heart and soul into making a difference and into renovating the merry-go-round. His commitment and dedication have encouraged me to keep his legacy alive through the support of the preservation of the carousel,” explains Nancy. 

The Art Morris Merry-Go-Round Fund supports ongoing maintenance and ensures the carousel will continue to enchant future generations, a testament to the enduring power of community. 

Nancy hopes to see the fund continue to grow through generous donations from people with similar values to Art, who wish to protect this symbol of community, while also enhancing the lives of children and preserving local traditions. 

“The county fair merry-go-round brings our community together time and time again. It’s a joyful experience for young and old alike,” shares Nancy. “Charitable contributions from the community will help to continue allowing people from all around to come together and have fun at this historic landmark.” 

Left: Art Morris, Right: Nancy Morris

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