Aging Well in Kootenai County

Whether it’s a Tai Chi class, line dancing or simply sharing a meal with good friends, a typical day at Hayden Senior Center is never dull. Since 1996, the center has been a gathering place for aging adults in Kootenai County, providing resources to aid in achieving a healthy, active and independent lifestyle. With the rise in food costs affecting many seniors and people living on low incomes, the Hayden Senior Center provides nutritious and generously portioned meals twice a week with a suggested donation of only $6 per meal. This has provided a meaningful way to fulfill the needs of seniors across the Kootenai region.

Knowing that it can be easy for people to become isolated as they grow older, staff and volunteers strive for an environment where seniors can feel at home, build relationships and have fun. Through engaging activities and programs, seniors maintain a physically and cognitively active lifestyle, forging friendships and creating a sense of belonging. 

“Our organization provides programs to keep the seniors in our community healthy, happy and active. They make so many friends and call this place their ‘home away from home,’” says Lisa Martin, Executive Director of Hayden Senior Center.

One of the most poignant moments in Lisa’s experience with the center was the successful intervention in a case of abuse, where a member was helped to find safety and support. Serving as a powerful reminder of the center’s impact on individual lives, Lisa has since seen this member move to a new assisted living community where they have found a loving family and home. 

The recipient of a $10,000 grant from Innovia, Hayden Senior Center continues to develop new and enjoyable ways to promote fitness, cognitive health and socialization for our region’s senior population. The grant has also helped the center keep up with costs after a recent move to a new facility. Known for their warmth and friendliness, the organization will continue to supply a welcoming space for Kootenai County’s aging population. 

“We love our senior community and are honored to be able to serve them,” shares Lisa.

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