Beloved cat inspires new fund to support Kootenai Humane Society

Pet cat Rosie left a lasting impression on her owner and continues to help other animals every day. When Sharon Lehrer passed away in 2014, her estate plan provided for the Rosie Lehrer Fund for Kootenai Humane Society.

Named in honor of Sharon’s beloved cat and companion, the fund makes an annual distribution to Kootenai Humane Society for general operations and the care of animals. Sharon loved all animals, and she specified that no funds may be used to euthanize any animal that is not terminally ill. Her generosity supports the Humane Society in providing warm shelter, loving care and medical assistance to more than 2,000 animals in Kootenai County each year. We can thank Rosie for helping to keep the animals of the Coeur d’Alene area safe and happy.

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