College Success Foundation lets low-income high schoolers explore college options

The road to a college degree can be difficult for low-income, minority and first-generation students. In addition to lacking financial resources, first-generation students may not have anyone in their lives to help them explore their college options, apply for college and financial aid, and understand what they need to do in high school to prepare for college.

College Success Foundation works to smooth the pathway to college for these students. The nonprofit serves 1,200 middle and high school students in Spokane Public Schools with support programs and scholarships that help them finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life.

College Success Foundation was awarded a Community Strategies grant at Innovia Foundation to support its College Experience Program. The funding will help give 500 low-income high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to visit college campuses, explore their college options, prepare for campus life and improve their chances of completing a degree.

“Through guided college visits to several different sizes and types of colleges, the College Experience Program sets students up for success in college, ultimately helping to break the cycle of generational poverty and improving the quality of life in our communities,” said Susan Nielsen, College Success Foundation Executive Director.

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