COVID-19 Response and Recovery Grant provides Chromebooks for school-aged children raised by grandparents

Relatives as Parents, Inc. received a $2,000 COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund grant to purchase Chromebooks for school-aged students being raised by grandparents to continue online studies.

“On behalf of Relatives As Parents, Inc., I would like to thank Innovia Foundation for your generous donation that enabled us to purchase Chromebooks for children in our group who didn’t have any computers or electronics to keep up with their school work during this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Glenda Weaver, Executive Director of Relatives as Parents, Inc. “I cannot express the joy and excitement the families had when they received their Chromebooks.”

The grant is helping these children continue their schooling from home. Additionally, the grant enables four of the children to get online tutoring from their schools to bring them up-to-speed for the time they missed.

Click here to see the full list of organizations that received a first round COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund grant.

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