The ability to read allows children to succeed not just in school, but in life ahead of them.

Children who are proficient and passionate readers by third grade are five times more likely to be college or career ready. Opening Books, Opening Doors works to ensure young readers in Coeur d’Alene have books to read and someone to read with, so all students are reading at grade level by third grade. This Book, a community action campaign launched this year, encourages everyone to help build a stronger community by taking time to read to a child or donate a book.

We know that when children struggle to read, it hurts a community’s wellbeing. Studies show that literacy has the power to open doors for success, grow the economy, remove socio-economic barriers and even reduce incarceration rates. Learning to read doesn’t just help a child, it also helps everyone around them succeed.

Read to a child. Help build a stronger community.

Learn more about This Book here. 

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