Driven by the value of family and health, couple creates scholarship for WSU nurses

Rowena E. Pineda and Todd Miller believe in the power of healthy communities. This passion drives their work and their support for local nurses in training. The health of the local communities is never truly out of mind for Rowena and Todd who have both invested in careers supporting local health organizations, including the Spokane Regional Health District.  

“I’m Filipino. In my culture, family is part of philanthropy,” says Rowena. “In connecting to family, my parents always wanted me to look toward helping others.” 

The couple’s passion for community health has always been driven by family values. The legacy left behind by Todd’s mother, a nurse beloved by her community in Salmon, Idaho, motivates the couple to help more students achieve their dream of a nursing career. 

“Nursing connected my mother to community,” says Todd. “It would take an hour or two to get through the grocery store because she would always run into someone. She had a sincere care for everyone.” 

Rowena and Todd love the Spokane region for more than its beautiful landscapes. Both have seen the city come together with the unity of a small town in seeking out solutions for bettering the community’s health. Rowena and Todd know scholarships will open new doors for local students hoping to innovate the health solutions of the future. That’s why Rowena and Todd have committed a portion of their wealth to fund scholarships for Washington State University College of Nursing students, in memory of their mother Mary M. Miller. Thanks to the generosity of Rowena and Todd, more and more students have the support they need to keep the region building toward a healthier future.  

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