Teachers share passion for local arts by establishing funds to support creativity

Dick Domey and Diane Gillespie share a zest for life and a passion for their local arts community. Drama teacher, national guardsman, author and biathalon coach are just a few of the roles Dick has taken on throughout his life. As a former professor, Diane has garnered worldwide recognition as an expert in Modernist literature. Whether it’s the artwork covering the walls of their Pullman home or the local theater they have helped restore, Dick and Diane’s love for the arts has been a lifelong collaboration.  

“Most people don’t realize they have it within their power to make a difference in the arts,” says the couple.  

As teachers, Dick and Diane have watched creativity spark transformation when students discover the confidence to take center stage or foster new connections with literary themes. Through their support of the Gladish Community & Cultural Center, a Pullman facility dedicated to hosting a rich array of community activities, they hope to see the arts continue to make an impact in the lives of their region. 

Dick and Diane are here to ensure their community has ready access to engaging art education and enjoyment opportunities for years to come. That’s why Dick and Diane have established funds that support the small arts organizations enriching their community with the music, drama and artwork the couple love. Thanks to their investment, local arts organizations are ready to cultivate creativity in the next generation of artists.

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