Empowering the Next Generation to Care for the Earth: Madeline Gendreau

When it comes to making a positive impact on her community, Madeline Gendreau is not afraid to dream big. Through the support of the Rika Ream Environmental Scholarship at Innovia, Madeline is pursuing joint degrees in Geoscience and Environmental Hydrology as a first-year student at Boise State University. After graduation, she plans to attend law school and pursue a career in writing climate legislation, combining her passions for human rights and the preservation of the environment.

“I look forward to writing climate and environmental legislation that addresses the unequal effects climate change has on disadvantaged communities,” Madeline says.

Even as Madeline prepares for her future, she is helping meet the current needs around her. Whether volunteering at the local senior center, baking cookies for her community’s homeless shelter, lending a hand at the library or using her background as a competitive swimmer to teach water safety skills, Madeline is committed to making a positive difference. Thanks to the support of the Rika Ream scholarship, Madeline is able to take the next step in pursuing a career devoted to service and advocacy.

“With the combined knowledge I will have in law and science, I hope to write laws that will keep the earth beautiful and habitable for generations to come,” she says.

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