Preserving the Story of Silver Valley: Wallace District Mining Museum

The Wallace District Mining Museum is vital to the local history of North Idaho. Since 1956, the museum has preserved and told the story of the Coeur d’Alene Mining District and Silver Valley. The museum educates and entertains visitors with exhibits and documents that highlight the area’s unique heritage and history of mining.

The museum is a popular field trip destination for students from Idaho, Washington and even Montana, offering scavenger hunts and other interactive learning opportunities to keep visitors engaged. The organization also supports research projects, specializes in digital archiving, provides preservation training classes and hosts the most comprehensive mining map collection outside the University of Idaho.

Innovia has donated $15,000 in Community Grant funds to the museum to ensure that it can continue educating and enriching the public during the pandemic. The museum eventually plans to install a second floor to feature even more exhibits and collections. But for now, it remains committed to carrying forward the story of Silver Valley during this crisis.

“The Wallace District Mining Museum has a history of bringing the community together to share their story,” says Museum Director Tammy Copelan. “We want all our residents to have the opportunity to carry the story of Silver Valley with them wherever they go.”

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