Family teaches philanthropy to grandchildren

Janet and Les Atchley are introducing their grandchildren, Emily and Brayden, to charitable giving. The inspiration came to them at an event they attended years ago where they heard Peter Ueberroth speak. Ueberroth, architect of the 1984 Summer Olympics, spoke about the delights and value of giving and how he and his wife began a donor-advised fund for their grandchildren. Janet and Les embraced the approach as a meaningful way to support and honor Emily and Brayden and their connection to the community.

Les and Janet own a wealth management firm in Coeur d’Alene. Their daughter Aimee and son-in-law Michael work with them. Their grandchildren were just one and four years old in 2011 when the Atchleys created the Brayden and Emily Tanneberger Fund at Innovia Foundation. Janet and Les are now beginning to guide them in charitable giving,¬†which engages the whole family in conversations about how the community supports them and how they can give back to the community.

Their goal is to show their grandchildren how important it is for everyone to give when they can. “When children understand their connection to others and their community, it helps them mature with generous compassion,” says Janet. “Innovia Foundation made it so easy for us. I explained what we wanted to do, and it was simply set up.”

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