Keeping Local Public Radio Humming

Listeners in 750 communities across 20,000 square miles of the Inland Northwest can tune into broadcasts from Spokane Public Radio (SPR). The station’s small but valiant team keeps the airwaves humming with quality local, national and world news, weather updates, music and other cultural programming.   

“SPR is a vibrant media hub that exists for the public good,” said Cary Boyce, President and General Manager. “Service to our region is at the heart of SPR’s mission.”  

Through quality programming, the station has developed a relationship of mutual trust with its listening community. This relationship is what keeps the station on the air and listeners tuned in.  

“Our first obligation is to be trustworthy, honest, accurate and balanced,” said Cary. “The trust in our service, in turn, generates support.”  

Running a listener-supported radio station is no small feat. With the rise of competing media platforms, increased operational costs and the challenges of the pandemic, SPR has weathered many storms. Thanks to the loyalty of their listeners and a carefully planned vision for the future, the station looks forward with confidence.  

In 2017, the Spokane Public Radio Fund for the Future was established at Innovia. Each year, the fund has steadily grown, accepting the generosity of donors and listeners in many forms. While cash gifts are the norm, estate gifts or other non-traditional gifts, like vehicle donations, gifts of stock, life insurance or real estate can make the biggest impact for the station and its sustained service to the community.  

As media of all types become increasingly available, the Spokane Public Radio Fund for the Future ensures that news, information and broad cultural experiences that reflect life in the Inland Northwest are readily accessible and reported with journalistic integrity. 

We believe that well-informed citizens armed with facts and context will make better decisions for themselves and for their communities."


Beyond sustaining accurate reporting practices, the fund will also support the station in sharing about local community life.  

“Our communities contain a wealth of cultural treasures right here in our area,” said Cary. “We help ensure these are accessible, both here at home and nationally.”   

The station celebrates these treasures through regular live broadcasts that welcome musicians, actors, authors and other artists. A favorite event with younger audiences is the free “Kids’ Concert” that SPR organizes each year, reaching across all demographics and income levels. The station also hosts community forums on issues such as homelessness, suicide prevention, emergency preparedness, and land and water use. By giving airtime to local nonprofits, SPR amplifies their messages and services to the larger community.  

Building an endowment happens one day and one gift at a time, but the impact lasts forever.   

“We seek to secure this service not just for today, but for future generations, as well,” said Cary. “Our society, our quality of life and our future will all be stronger for it.” 

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