River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary

Passionate animal advocates and lifelong artists, Kit and Pete Jagoda have devoted their lives to providing a forever home for animals in need. Together, they founded River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary, a haven dedicated to the tranquility and healing of over 10 different species, including dogs, cats, rabbits and farm animals. River’s Wish not only serves as a rescue, but also as an educational symbol, fostering empathy between animals and humans alike.

We believe that if people start to develop more compassion for animals, it will transfer over into their compassion for other people, for human beings.”

The path toward River’s Wish began in 1994 when the couple came across an ad seeking foster homes for dogs and cats. Kit and Pete quickly discovered how many animals were facing euthanasia and were moved to provide housing for as many as possible. In 2004, the couple took a significant step forward by incorporating River’s Wish as a 501(c)(3) organization. They chose to name the sanctuary after their beloved dog River, who taught them the beauty of compassion and inspired them to ensure every animal experiences the same profound love and care. As they continued in this work, the couple developed a special concern for farm animals experiencing neglect and abuse. Today, they’ve expanded their sanctuary in northwest Spokane to 65 acres and primarily house farm animals in need.

Looking to the Future

A remarkable milestone and testament to the exceptional care, housing, medical support and ethical practices they provide for their residents, River’s Wish was accredited with the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries in 2020.  Obtaining this accreditation not only benefits the animals, but enabled Kit and Pete to develop a strategic plan for the sanctuary’s future.

As part of this plan, they partnered with Innovia Foundation to create a lasting impact for future generations of animals at their sanctuary. Recognizing the vital importance of securing the sanctuary’s longevity, Kit and Pete founded the River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary Fund at Innovia.

River’s Wish relies solely on donations, fundraising and the support of volunteers to nurture and house over 100 animals. This fund will assist the sanctuary in every aspect, ranging from the costly feed for their senior animals to housing repairs, medical needs and the countless other resources necessary to deliver the best care for all their animals. With a goal to create financial stability and carry on Pete and Kit’s mission, this endowment will help ensure that River’s Wish thrives beyond their lifetime.

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