Tackling Hunger Together

The Northeast Washington (N.E.W.) Hunger Coalition is tackling hunger together. As a collaborative of groups and individuals across Stevens, Pend Oreille and Ferry counties, the coalition has established a connected network of 17 food pantries.

These pantries provide nutrient-dense produce to refugees, immigrants, low-income families and those living in under-resourced communities. In 2011, local healthcare workers recognized a lack of accessible, nutrient-rich food and banded together to establish the coalition.

This year, the passionate volunteers and community partners who manage the coalition were awarded a grant from Innovia for a walk-in cooler, pallet lift and other equipment to enhance their cold storage capacity.

These new additions guarantee the preservation of locally grown fruits and vegetables, allowing N.E.W. Hunger Coalition to support local farmers, distribute fresher produce, and maximize their resources and impact for underserved communities.

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